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Monday, March 23, 2020

ArtCreativity Light Up Toy Machine Gun with Folding Bayonet, Cool LED, Sound and Vibration Effect Review

This toy gun is black in colour with an attractive looking light brown stock (Handle).
The gun comes with a folding bayonet. The bayonet can be folded in and out.

The size of the gun is 16 inches, and with bayonet extended, it would be around 22 inches long.

The shipping weight of the gun is 11.7 ounces.

The gun has cool LED lights, which can be seen lighting up while pulling the trigger.

The gun also have sound effects, your child will not have to emit sound from his mouth. Haha.

This is not it; the gun also shakes when you press the trigger. It feels really really realistic.

Batteries are included with this gun, you don't need to buy them separately.

You can start it immediately after receiving it.

They also say, they made it using premium materials, and it's durable.

It is also a great gift idea. Kids will never forget this type of surprise.

196 People have rated it, and this gun has 3.9 rating on Amazon.

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