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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Walnut Li Toy Gun Rifle With Lights Sound And Rotating Bullet

This toy gun comes with nice looking colours and design. The primary colours of this gun are black and orange.

The shipping weight of this toy gun is 15.2 ounces.

The gun will be 25 inches long after assembling it.

Yes, you have to assemble this toy gun, but don't worry, its simple and all the instructions have shown with pictures on the box.

Let your kid assemble it. It's like solving a puzzle, and kids enjoy it while doing so.

After assembling it, when your kids will hold it, they will feel, as if they are on a mission.

It has a rotating bullet that rotates while playing with it. Kids like to play with this, because it feels real.

It has a scope on it. Your child can look through it. It also has an stand, that makes it stable on the ground;

your child can play the role of a soldier more nicely and comfortably.

It has a realistic sound. Kids love this sound while playing with it.

It is also a nice gift for kids. They will love this kind of surprise.

77 People have rated it, and it has 3.7 stars on Amazon.

You can view more details about this toy, and videos of this gun sent by customers by viewing this toy gun on Amazon.

You can also buy it from there.